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About us

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 Shanxi Antai Group Holding Co., Ltd. (Antai Company for short) was established by Jiexiu Yian Cokeoven Plant, Jiexiu Yian Coal Washery and Jiexiu Yian Cleaned Coal Dispatching Station, according to No.[1993] 140 File authorized by Shanxi Commission for Restructuring the Economic Systems. The company was registered in Shanxi Industry and Commerse Administrative Bureau on July 29th, 1993. For the reason that the three shareholding enterprises of the company are private enterprises invested by Mr Li Anmin and another 184 natural persons, the shareholders of the company went through the alteration from three corporations to 185 natural persons as well as industrial and commercial changing register on December 28, 1996, according to No.[1996] 58 File authorized by Shanxi Commission for Restructuring the Economic Systems and the Company Law. On August 18, 2000, the Shareholding Transfer Agreement that 176 shareholders transfer their stocks to Mr Li Anmin and another 8 natural persons was signed among the new shareholders of the company. Authorized by No. [2003] 5 File of China Securities Supervision Commission, the company issued 70 million A-stocks with par value of RMB1.00 yuan to domestic investors at a price of RMB5.09 yuan per share on January 20, 2003. The share is listed for transactions on Shanghai Secirity Exchange on Februry 12, 2003. So far, the company possesses 119 million current social stocks, with registered capital of RMB391 million yuan.
   Scope of operation: manufacture and sales of coke and its byproducts, pig iron and cement products, electrical and charcoal products; coal washing; exploitation and machining of limestone; freightage; development of new products; Wholesale (retail) of minerals (except national controled products), chemicals (except conbustable, detonable and perishable dangerous goods), conventional machinery, motorcar (except cars), general merchandise, farm and sideline products (except national controled products).
    Through development for more than ten years, the company has become state-level village and town enterprise mainly based on the industries of coal washing, coking, smelt, building materials and electricity, combined with manufacture and sales. The company is mainly engaged in manufacture and sales of coal washing, coke, pig iron, cement and electrical products, among which metallurgy and pig iron are exported to America, Europe, Japan, Koreal, etc.
    The company was appraised as high-tech enterprise, acquiring ISO14001 certificate of environmental system, and ISO9002 Quality certificate for the leading products.